H 1 The benefits of long-term meditation

Bloch, Arthur (Réalisation) ; Mishlove, Jeffrey (Interviews)

Thinking Allowed Productions

2007, [c1992]

V158.12 B651b 2007

Méditation ; Visualisation (psychothérapie) ; Entretiens ; Pleine conscience ; Réalisation de soi ; Spiritualité ; Young, Shinzen ; Bouddhisme zen

"Conversations on the leadingedge of knowledge and discovery" -- Support,

"Meditation practices can lead to permanent changes in awareness of the self and the transcendence of the ego. Shinzen Young is an ordained Buddhist Monk and scholar of Buddhism. After about a year of meditative practice, he says, one establishes open access to a realm of altered states of awareness. When practicing in a disciplined fashion, one goes on to explore the various stages leading toward enlightenment." -- Site web.

Description physique : 1 DVD (env. 28 min) : NTSC, sonore, couleurs ; 12 cm.

Collection : Thinking allowed series - 0

Langue : Anglais




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1 V158.12 B651b 2007 [disponible]

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