H 1 Seeing with the mind's eye : the history, techniques and uses of visualization

"The human mind is a slide projector with an infinite number of slides in its library, an instant retrival system and an endlessly cross-referenced subjet catalog. The inner images we show ourselves from our lives, whether as memories, fantasies, dreams or visions. Inner images supply the creative force in art, spirituality, psychology, healing, parapsychology and daily life, but they have never been studied comprehensively. This book opens the mind's eye to the inner world, the most significant, richly illustrated such exploration ever published. Before words, images were."--P.[4] de la couv.

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Mention d'édition : 1975

Description physique : xvii, 331 p. : illustrations, photographies (certaines en couleur) ; 28 cm.

Langue : Anglais


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1 153.32 S194s 1977 [disponible]

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