H 1 Moving (across) borders : performing translation, intervention, participation

Brandstetter, Gabriele (Coordination) ; Hartung, Holger (Coordination)




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Différence (philosophie) ; Expression corporelle ; Perception ; Handicapés auditifs ; Aspect politique ; Art et géographie ; Prise de risque ; Art et action sociale ; Entretiens ; Transfert d'apprentissage ; Abstraction ; Aspect social

"As performative and political acts, translation, intervention, and participation are movements that take place across, along, and between borders. Such movements traverse geographic boundaries, affect social distinctions, and challenge conceptual categorizations - while shifting and transforming lines of separation themselves. This book brings together choreographers, movement practitioners, and theorists from various fields and disciplines to reflect upon such dynamics of difference. From their individual cultural backgrounds, they ask how these movements affect related fields such as corporeality, perception, (self- )representation, and expression."--P.[4] de la couv.

Dépouillement: Introduction / Gabriele Brandstretter, Holger Hartung. -- 1. Translating differences. Human, animal, thing: shifting boundaries in modern and contemporary dance / Gabriele Brandstretter. -- Dance as image - image as dance / Jean-Luc Nancy. -- Performing "Africa": Linyekula's re-vision of 'la création du monde' as critical pastiche / Klaus-Peter Köpping. -- The global politics of Faustin Linyekula's dance theater: from Congo to Berlin and back again via Brussels and Avignon / Sabine Sörgel. -- "But you know I don't think in words": bilingualism and issues of translation between signed and spoken languages: working between deaf and hearing cultures in performance. -- A new war on borders: artistic movements in contested spaces / Sandra Noeth. -- 2. Institutions, interventions, and participation. An artist/activist moving (across) borders / Faustin Linyekula. -- Indian idealism: the disenfranchised body in yoga, dance and urbanity / Navtej Johar. -- Risk taking bodies and their choreographies of protest / Cristina Rosa. -- The archiving body in dance: the trajectory of the "dance archive box" project / Nanako Nakajima. -- Questions of participation: implementing the German dance congress as an artistic, reflective and political project / Sabine Gehm and Katharina von Wilcke in dialogue with Holger Hartung. -- "Tea times": creating formats of informal exchange and knowledge transfer / Christel Weiler.

Comprend des notes bibliographiques et une bibliographie à la fin des chapitres.

Description physique : 243 p. : illustrations (principalement en couleurs) ; 23 cm.

Collection : Critical dance studies - 40

Langue : ; Anglais


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