H 1 In-Between dance cultures : on the migratory artistic identity of Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui and Akram Khan

Dépouillement: [1] Aren't we all migrating bodies? Moving forward and backward - Becoming a migrating body. -- [2] On a migrating identity. The dominance of the western, (post)modern vision of identity - The ambivalent nature of the (post)migrant identity - A liminal identity in-between - A multiple, polyphonic identity - Identity as a storytelling - The creative confusion of the migrating body. -- [3] Two intertwined artistic journeys. Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui: a chameleon absorbing other dance cultures and languages - Akram Khan: beingrooted in one dance culture - "Zero degrees" (2005): the serendipity of a meeting - "Myth" (2007): integrating polarities - "Bahok" (2008): one world, many languages - "Babel" (2010): cacophony of languages, polyphony of movements - "Desh" (2011): dialogue with the homeland - Putting a new social imagery of the migrating body centre stage. -- [4] Coda: the in-between of a dialogical art practice. The rebirth of dialogue: the art of listening - Dance dramaturgy as a dialogical practice.

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Collection : Antennae - 21

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