H 1 Free play : improvisation in life and art

Nachmanovitch, Stephen, 1950-

Penguin Putnam Inc.



153.35 N122f 1990

Improvisation (danse) ; Processus de création ; Art contemporain ; Créativité ; Spiritualité

"Knowledge of the creative process cannot substitute for creativity, but it can save us from giving up on creativity when the challenges seem too intimidating and free play seems blocked. If we know that our inevitable setbacks and frustrations are phases of the natural cycle of creative processes, if we know that our obstacles can become our ornaments, we can persevere and bring our desires to fruition. Such perseverance can be a real test, but there are ways through, there are guideposts. And the struggle, wich is guaranteed to take a lifetime, is worth it. It's a struggle that generates incredible pleasure and joy. Every attempt we make is imperfect; yet each one of those imperfect attempts is an occasion for a delight unlike anything else on earth.
The creative process is a spiritual path. This adventure is about us, about the deep self, the composer in all of us, about originality, meaning not that wich is all new, but that wich is fully and originally ourselves"--P(4) de la couv.

Comprend des notes bibliographiques ainsi qu'une bibliographie.

Description physique : ix, 208 p. : illustrations ; 21 cm.

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