H 1 Off the ground : first steps to a philosophical consideration of the dance

Sparshott, Francis

Princeton University Press



792.801 S737o 1988

Danse ; Philosophie ; Philosophie de la culture ; Théorie de la danse ; Phénoménologie ; Mouvement ; Esthétique

"What is dance, as seen from a philosopher's point of view? Why has dance played little part in traditional philosophies of the arts? And why do these philosophies of the arts take the form they do? The distinguished aesthetician Francis Sparshott subjects these questions to a thorough examination that takes into account all forms and aspects of dance, in art and in life, and brings them within the scope of a single discussion. By showing what is involved in deciding whether something is or is not dance, and by displaying the diversity of ways in which dance can be found meaningful, he provides a new sort of background for dance aesthetics and dance criticism. At the same time, he makes a far-reaching contribution to the methodology of the philosophiy of art and practice."-- Jaquette.

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Description physique : xxiii, 430 p. ; 24 cm.

Langue : Anglais

Donateur : Febvre, Michèle, 2019.


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