H 1 Right to dance

Jackson, Naomi M. (Coordination)

The Banff Center Press



306.484 R571 2004

Droits de l'homme ; Danse ; Aspect social ; Canada ; 20e siècle ; Christianisme ; Chine ; Histoire

Comprend des notes bibliographiques à la fin des chapitres.

Dépouillement: Introduction: Human rights, cultural rights and dance in Canada / Naomi M. Jackson. -- Dance the church, and representative morals in catholic Québec / Iro Valaskakis Tembeck. -- The thin edge of the wedge: dancing around the Potlatch Ban, 1921-1951 / Aaron Glass. -- The show did not go on: an episode in Canada's Red square / Cheryl Smith. -- Negociating artistic spaces: Beijing opera and the cultural revolution in China / Margaret Chan. -- Remembering: the weight of memory / Peggy Baker and Liz Marshall. -- Sacrifice in the studio: a history of working conditions, contracts, and unions for dance in Canada, 1900-1980 / Amy Bowring. -- Putting it into words: an anecdotal history of the Canadian alliance of dance artists - Ontario chapter's professional standards for dance / P. Megan Andrews. -- Championing the individual, believeing in the dance: human rights in the works of Paula Ross, Jay Hirabayashi, and Judith Marcuse / Kaija Pepper. -- Dance in action: six Nova Scotia stories / Dianne Milligan. -- The exile of poetic imagination: challenges to the use of expressive arts with children in adversity / Christopher Lowry. -- Human rights - not like a document, like a dance / Lisa Doolittle and Anne Flynn.

Description physique : 291 p. : illustrations, photographies ; 23 cm.

Langue : ; Anglais

Donateur : Leduc, Diane, 2020.


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